Drive to the beaches

The beaches of Santorini are known not only for their unsurpassed beauty but also for their peculiar individuality that you will not find anywhere. The volcanic rocks of the island and the…black sand, which can be found in most beaches, will pleasantly surprise you and you will understand how a special Cycladic island Santorini is.

The sandy beach of Kolumbo offers you solitude and isolation, if it is what you are looking for. The water, here, is warm as in the undersea area there is the most active crater of the island!

Kokkini Paralia (Red Beach), in the southern part of the island, is known for the bright red color of the sand and the rocks in the vicinity. A very picturesque beach and one of the most famous on the island. The quiet cove of Vourvoulos, in the northwest, will enchant you with its black pebbles and impressive surrounding rocks. For those who are looking for touristic activities, Kamari, with its tremendous in length and width beach, is waiting for them. From there, take the boat to Perissa. Close to Kamari is located Ancient Thira.

To the east side of the island is Monolithos, an ideal place for family holidays. It is a large beach in length with fine black sand and very shallow water.

Perissa has one of the largest and most organized beaches. Here you can find everything a visitor is looking for. Water sports, beach bars, a diving school and a vibrant entertainment…day and night!

Perivolos is another organized nice beach with fine sand and clear deep water. It combines fun with relaxation, covering every taste and need of the visitors.

The long Vlychada beach is very atmospheric! Pitch-black thick sand, deep clear water and tall white cliffs surround the beautiful landscape with its unique aura. You can reach Aspri Paralia (White Beach) by boat from Kokkini Paralia or from Perissa. The beach is short in length with the characteristic black sand and pebbles and it is surrounded by white tall cliffs.