Kosmos Rent a Car Santorini
Drive your dream in Santorini

In 1992, Kosmos Rent a Car Santorini started its car rental activity in Santorini having set high standards in the demanding tourism market on the island. The company is a member of Kosmos Rent a Car network which offers company and private car rental solutions since 1977. Our goal, during all these years of successful operation, is to provide excellent services to our customers for whom we are available, whenever they need us, 24 hours per day.

Our fleet

Our fleet

Our car fleet includes a wide variety of vehicles which can satisfy any car requirement. To meet all your needs, we poccess modern and safe, standard and luxury, cars. Our cars are meticulously maintained and renewed at a rate of 40% per year. In this way, we can guaranty their reliability as our primary concern at Kosmos Rent a Car Santorini, is the safety of our customer. The options that we offer include cars from the top car manufacturers like: Mercedes, Smart, BMW, Opel, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Renault, Audi, Fiat, Hyundai, Citroen, Volvo, Chevrolet, Peugeot and Suzuki.

All our rental cars are in perfect mechanical conditions and can provide you with the most comfortable and safe driving.

So, choose the type of car that meets your needs and…start your dream holidays in Santorini. This unique volcanic island in the Aegean Sea has, indeed, a magical landscape that is worth exploring inch by inch!  Your assistant in your exploration is a safety rental car from Kosmos Rent a Car Santorini. Enjoy the volcanic breathtaking scenery from every point of the famous Caldera! Relax and…fall in love with the most romantic sunset of the Aegean Sea! Discover all the beaches on the island, even the most remote, and swim in the famous waters of the Aegean Sea. Visit all the archaeological sites and…do not forget to taste the local specialties and the famous wines of Santorini.