Apart from the special and rare beauty, Santorini is considered as an excellent culinary destination, offering some of the best restaurants and wineries in Greece. The excellent and renowned local products derive their taste from the particular volcanic soil and, of course, from the sea breeze and sunny Aegean environment. The island kitchen has excellent products, unique taste and suitable for a healthy diet. Undoubtedly, the volcanic soil has given the island a great range of local products and wines. The vegetables that thrive in this place have a taste…which makes the difference and are preferred by the chefs from all over Greece!

The famous Fava of Santorini has a rich, full bodied and sweet taste. It comes from a legume, vetch, which is believed that it exists on the island for 3,500 years. Enjoy it with caper or…”married” with onions!

Up to 1950, the rain-fed tomato of Santorini was supporting the island’s economy. It has a strong sweet taste, a thicker peel than the classic tomato and cherry size.  The rain-fed or anhydrous tomato is not watered and rely on morning moisture. Try it in the salad, as sun-dried, as a sweet or as the famous tomato meatballs of the island.

Also, don’t forget to try the Capers of Santorini which offer a delicious taste to the salads and sauces. The White Eggplant has a few seeds and a very sweet taste, while Chloro Cheese has a creamy texture and blends perfectly with the white Santorini wines. Last, Katsouni is a local cucumber and its taste is even more special when it is dry. If not cut in time, Katsouni acquires a melon flavor.