Drive through the beautiful villages…


The largest village on Santorini, the beautiful capital, Hora, and one of the most impressive villages in Greece. Fira is built on a unique location, at a height of 260m and with an incredible view of the sea! Your acquaintance with Hora of Santorini holds many surprises. It is not only the Cycladic architecture that makes it special. Fira is built in a unique way which gives it a peculiar physiognomy. White houses, very close to each other, are creating countless levels and appear as… to be hooked on the steep cliffs! Along with its picturesque neighborhoods, the traditional alleys and the churches with blue domes, the shops, cafes and restaurants coexist since, reasonably, tourism is highly developed. Moreover, Santorini is one of the most cosmopolitan Greek island without, however, losing its unique traditional style.


Oia, or Ia, is located 11Km from Fira. At your arrival at Santorini, it is the first village that you will see from the boat, predisposing you to the incredible beauty of the island. The sight of Oia, spread on the rock above Armeni cove, is eye-caching!


Imerovigli is located 3Km from Fira and has a peculiar view of the famous red rock of Skaros which was a Venetian castle (fortified settlement)). Here, also, you will find whitewashed houses with beautiful neat courtyards including colorful flowers.


Megalochori is another picturesque village of Santorini, just 9 Km from Fira. The 150 permanent residents are retaining its local color; the manners and customs moreover the traditional architecture of the houses has been kept unchanged. Seventy years ago, Megalochori was belonging to one of the most powerful families of the island which was producing the first famous wine Vinsanto.


From Pyrgos you will enjoy the most panoramic view of the island! Its main characteristic is the preservation of all the evidences testifying the Venetian empire. Pyrgos dominates imposingly on a hill, looking like supervising the entire island! It could be described as the medieval jewel of Santorini.


Emporio has much in common with Pyrgos, forming a castle of bygone eras. The settlement looks entrenched with many narrow streets, paths and secret passages as well as the houses which are very densely built. The houses seems to climb the hillside, while the taller ones look afar like a castle.