The wines of Santorini

The vineyard of Santorini is the most traditional vineyard in Greece and produces the island’s famous wines. A number of factors contribute to the full maturity of the grapes and give their particulars. Although there are no water sources, the winter rains are retained in the soil because of its consistency and the vine is not suffering from drought. On the other hand, during summer the intense sun rays pull the water to the surface, feeding the plants. The August winds play their role since they impede the moisture to remain on the grapes.

About 80% of the cultivation is White Assyrtiko while Athiri and Aidini are cultivated in smaller quantities. Concerning the red varieties, Mantillara and Mavrotragano stand out.

Try Vinsanto, a very special dessert wine, with an amber color, exuberant flavor and an aroma of raisins, honey and dried fruits. The traditional wine of Santorini is Nychteri and it seems that its name came from its wine making process which was taking place at night with dew.